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Jaguar – Blow Away The Grey



Increase awareness and create a buzz around the new Jaguar XE two months prior it’s launch campaign. Put the new XE in the consideration list of the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C Class and Audi A4 driver.


This automotive segment is full of predictable choices – they grey boxes – the new Jaguar XE is here to shake things up with cutting edge technology, efficiency and power.


We created an exciting film that begins by alluding to the normal predictive, grey and boring saloon. The film surprises the user as the Jaguar comes to life using its power to dust off all the grey and boring away to reveal the beautiful Jaguar DNA.

The film was all shot in camera without the use of CGI which made the whole project a lot more challenging and unique to this segment which is saturated with CGI stunts.
Check the behind the scenes.

This Global asset had over 1.9 million views in the first two days and many positive comments about the car and the work.

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