• Nioxin – Diamax Effect
  • Nioxin – Diamax Effect
  • Nioxin – Diamax Effect
  • Nioxin – Diamax Effect
  • Nioxin – Diamax Effect
  • Nioxin – Diamax Effect

Nioxin – Diamax Effect



Launch NIOXIN’s latest premium product innovation – Diamax – a leave-on treatment for denser-looking hair.
The product was aimed at woman between 30 and 45. Diamax was the only product in the market proven to produce instant results to consumers in need of more hair volume.

Our task as the lead agency was to create a integrated campaign to raise awareness between consumers and stylists, but most importantly, get 1,000 salons in US to stock the product.


The product provides instant results – consumers are desperately seeking for a solution and stylists, well, they are the ones that should be providing the solution to their clients. Diamax is only available through salons.


The idea was simple – get consumers to try the product for free, share the results with their friends and let their stylist know that there is a instant solution for their hair thinning problem.

In order to try the product, consumers had to indicate a salon near them where they would like to buy Diamax in the Future. Every indicated salon received a DM letting them know that their clients are demanding Diamax and were offered a free Diamax Studio Kit. A revolution has begun.


In just one month over 3,500 products were given to consumers, more then 5,000 stylists have requested Diamax and over 3,500 salons were nominated.

Based on the DIAMAX Effect, the largest distributor in professional beauty supplies contacted CM to develop a store-specific, stylist DIAMAX sweepstake. After 3 days of being live, this experience had already received in excess of 1,500 entrants. Furthermore, they have placed a much higher commercial order for DIAMAX than initially committed.Founded on the successes of the national pre-launch campaign, NIOXIN now have the opportunity to pitch DIAMAX to 700 incremental salon franchises across the U.S. The DIAMAX Effect was praised by P&G for facilitating a step-change in how P&G generates sales leads and pitch a new product launch.

Creative partner / Copywriter
Charlie Gee

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