• ManUp – Testicular Cancer Awareness
  • ManUp – Testicular Cancer Awareness

ManUp – Testicular Cancer Awareness



How do you change the behaviour of men?
Testicular cancer is on the rise; especially amongst young to middle aged men of white Caucasian ethnicity.

Issues of health, reproduction and mortality are still largely taboo in this target audience.
The goal is to make men aware that testicular cancer is an easily detectable and treatable disease and to encourage them to check themselves regularly.


Men don’t engage with health checks for a variety of reasons: ignorance, fear, embarrassment or denial.
Many of the indicators and risks associated with Testicular cancer are also indicators and risks for general health and well being. The health of a man’s balls reflect the overall health of the man.
This message can be used to make men aware of the idea of a self check. Subsequent engagement with the campaign will remind them make regular additional checks as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle choice.


Humour is a good route to help the target audience engage with a message that is potentially awkward or frightening.
The message “What are your balls saying about you?” has great scope in the executions available and still pushes the core message to the audience. Posters in pub toilets, ads in men’s magazines, rich media and video can all use this idea to drive traffic to the website.

Creative partner / Copywriter
Charles Day

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