• Nioxin – Youtube Channel
  • Nioxin – Youtube Channel
  • Nioxin – Youtube Channel
  • Nioxin – Youtube Channel

Nioxin – Youtube Channel



A big insight uncovered about Nioxin was that users and potential users of the systems often feel overwhelmed by the number of products they need to use, and often buy the wrong one. For Nioxin to work we needed people to understand the importance of the technology and how to use of the products effectively. Alongside that, Nioxin’s evolving digital ecosystem required original, valuable content that would strengthen the ‘truth about thinning hair’ proposition and improve search results.


One of Nioxin’s primary hurdles was overcoming incorrect use of their 3-Part Systems, which they identified as a major factor in the efficacy of their products. The problem was mostly associated with step 3 – a spray applied to the scalp after conditioning.

We drew on this insight and proposed a series of easy to follow how-to use videos giving users a step-by-step guide to using Nioxin products. They would be housed on a dedicated Nioxin YouTube Channel, that would feed into nioxin.com.

From start to finish, the seven how-to-use videos were created. We concepted, scripted, art directed, talent sourced and shot the videos during just two days in Los Angeles, capturing assets for iMedia banners at the same time. We then took control of post-production, working with a professional voiceover artist and motion designer to achieve a high level of polish, all within Nioxin’s relatively small budget.


The channel was scaled down to a free version due to budget constraints but was extremely successful, despite no direct marketing. The technology and how-to-use videos developed for the launch phase have had more than 22,000 views in just two months, as well as positive comments from stylists and consumers. The most popular video to date is step 3 of the systems.

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Creative partner / Copywriter
Lizzy Tinley

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