• Nissan – Cube Expression
  • Nissan – Cube Expression

Nissan – Cube Expression



Nissan’s designers realised that young Japanesepeople don’t have enough personal space at home (in their small parents homes /their small pod flats) so they created them a social space on the road.

CUBE – A cool, quirky looking and totally aerodynamically-unfriendly lounge on the road. This audience didn’t need to travel fast, so aerodynamics was sacrificed for maximum(cubic) space and zen-like tranquility inside. It even had carpets and trim inspired by domestic homes, customisable elements and a sunroof inspiredby living room blinds.

The audience was young adults (20-25) who needed a car and lacked their own space at home.


Your living room on the road
With digital at it’s heart how would you communicate to this style conscious, young target audience that The Nissan cube is the perfectcar for them.


The idea was to create a car configurator which uses people’s music taste to identify their personality and create a unique style to their car. Users would be able to connect their Spotify account to the website, which analyzes their music preferences and generates a unique pattern. A gallery of patterns created by well know artists and other users is available for users which don’t have a Spotify account.

To create campaign awareness, hand picked artists would create a limited amount of exclusive cars. These cars would be strategically positioned around the city and through TV/Billboard/Web ads, we invite users to take a photo of the car and share it on twitter using a hash tag #CubeExpression.

All photos would be featured in the NISSAN Cube expression Facebook Page and the most popular shot for each car win the limited edition Cube.

Creative partner / Copywriter
Charles Day

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