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Porsche – Pure



The Porsche Boxster Spyder is a car for older dudes.
Engage a younger audience to promote the delights of the new light, fast and stylish Porsche Boxster Spyder.  This car currently appeals to an older male (30-50 years old) who may buy this as a second or even third car as a treat for a milestone birthday or first symptom of a mid-life crisis. Among a younger audience the brand is either unobtainable or just unknown. Raise awareness and increase sales.


Appeal to the Purist.
The new Porsche Boxster Spyder harks back to an earlier era when Porsche was the most successful motor racing manufacturer in the world. By eliminating excessive weight and simplifying the trim and accessories Porsche have made a new classic.


Highlight Classic Minimalist design and use modern campaign assets.
Raising awareness among those people who may not (yet) be able to buy one of these cars is as important as increasing sales. The desirability of this as a design object is high.  Print and cinema advertising will drive users to the microsite which will give them a chance to win a place on the prestigious track day.

Creative partner / Copywriter
Charles Day

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